| A pair of Russian candlesticks attributed to Friederich Bergenfeldt circa 1800 Hoffmans Antikhandel

Candlesticks attributed to Friederich Bergenfeldt circa 1800


Each candlestick modeled with a Heron figure dressed in the Egyptian headdress Nemes, supporting a central torch with a vase shaped candleholder. A circular socle with a crying swan, on a square plinth.

Bronzier Friederich Bergenfeldt 1760-1814/22

Friederich bergenfeldt was a German born Bronzier. He may well have worked in Paris before coming to St: Petersburg since his bronzes show a distinct similarity with the work of Parisian Bronzier Claude Gallé. 1801 he was back and working in St: Petersburg. Friederich Bergenfeldt was very productive and with out a doubt one of the finest Bronziers ever to have worked in Russia.
He supplied a numerous of bronzes for the Russian Imperial court and the aristocracy.

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